Like campaign expenses and revenues, the placement of campaign signs and advertising shall not commence until after a candidate’s Nomination Paper has been filed with the Clerk or designate.

The Municipality currently has a Policy for Private Signs on Township property (By-Law #2005-11).

This includes Election signs as follows:

  • Election signs are permitted and must be removed by the candidate within two weeks after the election.
  • All signs permitted on the right-of-way shall conform to the following conditions:
    • All signs shall be maintained in good condition by the owner of the sign;
    • No sign shall be installed in a location which obscures visions for vehicles along the road;
    • No private sign shall be attached to a sign post installed by Township Public Works Department or a public utility pole without written consent of  the operating or road authority.

Election campaign advertisements purchased by or under the direction of a candidate shall identify the candidate.

County and Private roads are not under the jurisdiction of Township of Rideau Lakes. Please contact the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville or the applicable Private Road Association for their policies/procedures regarding placement of election signs.

For municipal elections, election signs can be displayed 25 days prior to election day.

When the day the writ of election is issued falls on a date of religious or cultural significance, election signs cannot be displayed until the following day.

Election signs must be removed within 2 weeks of election day.